Thursday, March 12, 2009

Work in Progress, Please Stand By:

I'm working on a suitable post (trying to cut out all the swear words... it ain't easy) for the game in Colum-butts. (check the pic top-right and you'll get a notion). Posting vids is going to take until Fri. anyway, because the FSN Googans were using the 'Jackets feed. The Tower of Flower Power, Marc Andre Fleury made a TREMENDOUS save against RJ Umberger and I really want to post it. So, Until tomorrow, Satan has been sent to WBS, and he's actually going to show up unlike what's-his-name at the beginning of the season. Miro says he wants to be ready for the opportunity to play for the Pens when and if they need him. Classy guy for being the Lord of the Infernal Realm. Quick congrats to Maximus for scoring the tying goal!

More to come, but the Pens are still on a scoring streak and that's a very good thing.

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Nulpher said...

Because r Kris Beech was "too good" for reporting to the WB/S pens.