Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Putting Out the Fire:

Ok, it's a Pittsburgh area Township, and it's a fire truck, (and it says Kennedy on it) Kinda lame, but I'm going with it.
Marc Andre Fleury and the Pens will face Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla (I'm not kidding, that's his name) and the Calgary Flames tonight. I really didn't need to say that, it's just cool to write out the longest name in hockey. The Flames are a series of contradictions, 3rd in the League in scoring, but they're last in Goals allowed. Kipprosof is the winningest goalie in the League, but the Flames are allowing over 3 goals a game. They've had some struggles recently, but they beat Detroit 5-3. So the theory is, score early, score often, keep scoring, score some more and then when you're done with that, score again.
Flower Stuff: has a fairly decent article about the Tower of Flower Power. You know, once you get past all the Spring alliterations and the goofy floral references ( it's different when I do it) Flower it seems is one of the Best in the League when it gets down to 'crunch time' (which is a good thing) with a March/April record of 29-9-5 and a goals against average of 2.06. He's not really sure why he 'blooms' in the Spring (couldn't help myself) but we're all glad he does.
Game Stuff: The Tower of Flower Power faced 31 shots and made 31 saves. Getting a little bit of help from his two favorite red-painted friends, but doing most of the work himself, Marc Andre Fleury notched his 4th shut-out of the year, and the 15th in his career.
Flower and the FPL pretty much let the offense distract the Flames and said, 'That's OK guys, we got this one.' Kris Le-tank made the first goal on a sweet pass by El Capitan on the Power Play, Brooks Orpik was doing his Smokey the Bear imitation and squashing anything with flames on it. And Gill, the Mighty Oak, the Human Sequoia became something of an offensive power-house. Hal Gill joining the rush... these words you do not expect to hear during a hockey game. But the Sequoia was doing it all tonight, clearing the front of the cage, hitting, blocking shots, poke checking, standing up at the blue line, hitting some more, and yes, joining the rush behind Geno, taking that beautiful drop-pass and going high stick side on Kiprusoff for his second goal of the year.
Cooking With Geno: I saw this on the site, and it was pretty good, with Geno acting his big, goofy self, and Kris Le-tank breaking in to the show just in time to wolf down the perogies Evgeni and Alyonka made. She almost can't get rid of Kris at the end, he just keeps eating! With English subtitles... Take it away Pens-chef!

In other food/Pens related news, Maximus, TK, Staal and Dupuis made a special Pizza Delivery to the guys constructing the Consol Energy Center. Duper was given a chance to drive one of the excavators (backhoe) and nearly brought the place down. Ok, he just went backwards when he wanted to go forward, but I'm sure it scared the crap out of him. Here's the vid if you can stand the annoying announcer, and want to check it out.


PensChickInFla29 said...

Thanks Stagerat for sending your help to protect Flower from Error. Your protection sniper was totally awesome.. I guess I can put away flying objects until Error does the jinxing thing again...

Nice game especially seeing USS Gill getting a goal. Man Flower was awesome (pardon the pun but he was in Flames! He was on fire!) Oh boy here come the Rags and "Sloppy Seconds".

Go Pens! In Flower we Trust (need we need to say more!)

sam said...


Stagerat said...

Continuing with the 'flame' analogy, who lit a fire under Gills ass? I'd swear he's skating faster than he was last year. I'm glad he got the goal too, after all the hard work he put in to the rest of the game he deserved it!