Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Sarge and New Recruits:

Sergei Gonchar is expecting a new recruit. I've heard reports that his wife went into labor sometime today, but nothing so far about a little sarge. So Go-Go Gadget Goal was called up from WBS to fill the skates of the new Oteu (I think that's father in Russian) In other groin related news, Sidney Crosby is likely to play in Florida tonight (ok that was pretty bad... ) after missing the last 4 games. Games that the Pens have managed to win, by the way. No one is even guessing at the lines tonight, because of Gonch baby waiting, then there's Gueirin, Kunitz and Adams as the new additions no one can even guess what Coach Dan is going to do. There's speculation that Guerin will play with Croz, but then again, didn't they get Kunitz to be his winger? No one knows, I tell you. The Panters kept Bouwmeester, dealing with him, rather than just dealing him away. So it's quite likely that we'll see Jay and curse the Pant's GM for keeping him there.

The Eastern Conference race is tighter than a Weight Watcher's girdle during the holidays. 4 points separate 10th from 5th. Any slip of the stick can drop a team 2 places at least. A slump would be an EXTREMELY bad idea for any of those 5 teams. (hint, hint) We'll all see how the new guys work out tonight.... could be interesting.

Oh, and since Penschick didn't send me any tickets (raging jealousy, I know...) I'll be watching Error and Stogie on the FSN freak show. Seriously Chick, congrats and have a great time!

Quick Update: The Tower of Flower Power was awesome in net stopping 31 out of 32 shots tonight. Making some incredible saves. TK was the original Energizer Bunny. Everywhere the puck went, TK went after it, and scored two goals. On the final face-off, Malkin went to the bench when he realized TK had gone for a change, and must have told Tyler to get back in just in case he could get the HT. And Captain Sid scored the even-up goal to get the guys back on track. Guerin was fairly impressive for never skating with the guys before getting an assist on El Sid's goal and a +2 for the night. But Kris Le-tank impressed the hell out of me. Several shifts after getting blindsided in the defensive zone, he and Orpik team up for an All Defense goal on a sweet shot by the Tank. And Mark Eaton gets the TFS award for Best Impression of a Goalie by a Defenseman. Blocking several shots, and a pass across the crease that would have most certainly been a goal on the Panter's PP. Wow, two periods of frustration followed by the Blow out we had all been hoping for at the beginning of the game..... As Hawkeye would say, "Finestkind".


PensChickInFla29 said...

Hey how about this:

Superstar treatment for you for the April 5 game in Fla plus a round of beer (not the panther piss kind either!)

PS. I will also share photos of the game too including Flower angle.

Stagerat said...

I would so love to take you up on that... but being a wage-slave comes at a price.... and I still haven't finished paying it...(pretty whimpy answer after all my whining lol) I would love to see your pics. 'Flower angle' is definitely a good angle... If you have some you would like me to post, send them to

Stagerat said...

The next time I'm in My-jammie it will be to go to a Pens game, (they still do let Ratts into Sunrise, don't they?) as long as no one throws me on the ice.