Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Punters and Lucky 7's:

Your FSN announcers Error on the left and Stogie on the right

Marc Andre Fleury faced one less shot than the stats say he did. I don't care who holds the gun on me, the third Panter's goal was kicked in! I saw it, you saw it, somehow the footage was sabotaged between Pittsburgh and Toronto, 'cause the guys in the War Room couldn't have seen the replay that I saw. Ballard looked like he had a Soccer flashback and put it behind MAF. Officially the Flower stopped 18-21, helping the Pens rally to beat the (insert feline innuendo here) 4-3 in a Shoot Out. When the Flower, who had a solid, but not spectacular night, stoned all the Kitties and sent them home. That ties The Tower of Flower Power with Kenny Wregget for 2nd on the all time wins list, and ties his career high wins in a row. What can we say? FLOWER POWER!!
Update-itis: It's just a tease that someone posted of the commercial for Inside Penguins Hockey, but I found it, it's the Flower and I'm posting it, damnit! lol. So without further ado: Marc Andre Fleury, Rock Star!

The Incredible Malk started the scoring with an impossible backhand and then absolutely undressed Vokoun for the second SO goal and the win. After all that good goaltending, Geno made the guy look like a moron. Le-tank scored the other SO goal and nearly killed Vokoun's water bottle in the process. Cookie plastered Booth into the boards for the Sammich of the Game. Crosby went 1g 1a but was blocked in the SO.
Update-inski: For those of you that didn't see it, (or just don't believe me, and who could blame you?) here's the entire shoot out for your viewing pleasure:

I was ready to start pitching things at the TV after the second period, (bad idea...I'm waaaaaaaay too lazy to walk up stairs to watch hockey then back down to the fridge for Sodas. I'd die of thirst!) but the guys never stopped fighting. If nothing else you gotta love that. Down 3-1 at the beginning of the third and they never slowed down, never gave up, kept attacking and it finally paid off. And I'll tell you another thing for nothing. Without Thomas Vokoun in net the Panters don't even get a sniff. The score would be 20-something to 1. The Pens shot the puck 50 TIMES! That's the most ever (this season). Vokoun absolutely robbed Jordan Staal on that one rebound. Someone get me the number for 911, cause I'm calling that one in. As usual, more to come as the random thoughts bounce around my skull. For now I'll leave you with this:


ali said...

Wow. Yes. Jordan Staal completely got robbed on that one rebound... wow. wow. wow.

As much as the third FL goal looked like it was kicked in, the FL feed showed the scorer (whatever his name is) on the bench holding a broken stick -- it really looked like where the puck had hit the stick and went into the net, the stick had broken.

Since the Pens won the game, it's a moot point to argue... but anyway...

Seven in a row baby!!!! :)

Stagerat said...

I can't argue with a victory, true. But there is something in me that wants the Pens to CRUSH all of their opponents. Selfish of me to want ALL the breaks I know, but there it is. As a Pennsaddict I think I can live with that... lol

PensChickInFla29 said...

Stagerat: Three words for you:


BTW thanks for posting that youtube clip of Flower. That was pretty awesome..

Stagerat said...

Thanks.. I'm normally to humble to say so, but I think you're totally correct!@!!.... lol

Now all I have to do is figure out why I rock, and keep doing it....